Crispy Vocals,
in 5 mins.

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$59 Once. The vocal preset is yours forever.
Bonus: Free Vocal Chain Guide + Signal Flow Guide + Pro Vocal Mixing Tutorial Video
Hear the difference:

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Photo of Skizzy Mars
Skizzy Mars
+300,000,000 streams
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Caleb Hearn
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Dylan Reese
+3,000,000 streams
Can't get your vocal mix to sound great?
Take your vocals to the next level in 5 mins.

This is the ONLY preset you need
for a professional vocal mix.

  • Your vocal chain is missing something.
  • You wish you had a clean, crispy, and consistent vocal mix just like your favorite artist.
  • You just can't figure out that perfect order or setting to make your vocal truly stand out.
  • The Miracle Vocal Chain is the solution.
    What you'll get.

  • INCREDIBLE sounding vocals within 5 minutes.
  • The freedom of creating without the worry of fixing vocal issues constantly.
  • The solid foundation of a GREAT VOCAL MIX.
  • Why trust me? (First, watch the video to hear the difference.) I've spent years working in rooms with artists ranging from Bebe Rhexa to ASAP Ferg. The only way to get the secrets is to be in the room... until now. It's time to hand them over. It would cost at LEAST $2000 to get this experience and knowledge (that's what it cost me) but it's here for $59 today. The vocal chain secrets included in this template have taken songs from rough ideas to 1,000,000 streams.
    Would you turn down a tool with that ability?

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    The Miracle Vocal Chain Ebook

    The Guide To A Legendary Vocal Chain
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    This includes:
    Comprehensive Vocal Chain Guide
    The Miracle Vocal Chain + Logo

    The Miracle Vocal Chain +

    The Legendary Vocal Chain + Consultation
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    This includes:
    The Miracle Vocal Chain
    Industry Standard Mastering Chain
    Comprehensive Vocal Chain Guide
    Plugin Replacement Guide
    Step-By-Step Vocal Mix Screen Recording
    1 on 1 Consultation & Walkthrough Mix of Your Vocals

    Supported DAWs

    Pro Tools
    Logic Pro
    The Miracle Vocal Template In Logic Pro ScreenshotThe Miracle Vocal Template In Pro Tools Screenshot

    Listen for yourself

    Vocals Only
    Full Track

    Recommended Plugins

    These plugins are required for the best results
    but can be switched out using
    The Plugin Replacement Guide
    which is included in your purchase.

    Waves Ultimate Subscription Plan
    Waves RDeEsser
    Waves REQ 6
    Waves RCompressor
    Waves PuigChild 660
    Waves VEQ4
    Waves RVox
    Waves PuigTech EQP1A
    Waves S1 Imager
    Waves Center
    Waves Metaflanger
    Waves Doubler2
    Waves Q4
    Waves CLA Vocals
    Waves H-Delay
    Waves API-560
    Waves L1+ Ultramaximizer


    What if I don't have the required plugins?

    That's alright! Included is a Plugin Replacement Guide with alternative plugins you can use to get the same effects with the necessary settings included.

    What DAW's does it work with?

    Logic Pro X and Pro Tools!

    What do I have to do?

    Not much, just install with the included install instructions, make sure you record your vocals at around -12db and it should sound great. Feel free to make any tweaks depending on your taste!